DNSSEC Milestone Good News for Internet Security

Some security initiatives are important to specific businesses or industries, but when it’s something core to the very structure of the Internet, anyone concerned with security should take notice.

eSecurityPlanet reports on the status of a long-awaited upgrade to the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) including an important digital “key signing” ceremony held this week at a secure datacenter in Virginia. The work on DNSSEC has been going on since 2008.

At long last, DNS, which performs a critical role in Internet infrastructure, is finally set to be secured with DNSSEC. DNSSEC provides a cryptographically secure mechanism for DNS information and is set to be implemented in the root zone of the Internet this year.

A Key-Signing-Key (KSK) ceremony was held this week at a secure datacenter in Virginia to produce the cryptographic key that will be used to secure the root zone of Internet DNS.

Read the full article at eSecurityPlanet:

DNSSEC Key Signing Designed to Make the Internet More Secure

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