eBay Teams With FBI to Fight Retail Theft

Even as e-commerce continues to boom along, not all those sales are legitimate.

Ecommerce Guide details how a new alliance that includes online auction giant eBay, the National Retail Federation and the FBI plan to work together to help prevent theft and ensure consumers are buying legitimate goods.

eBay and the National Retail Federation announced they will team up to identify organized crime groups responsible for stealing large amounts of merchandise and fencing them through the online auction site.

The online auction site has become a key outlet through which e-commerce marketers ranging from small and midsized businesses to far larger operations to move their wares on the Internet. But eBay has also taken a lot of heat in recent years from manufacturers, software developers and industry trade organizations for failing to do more to prevent pirates and other thieves from unloading their ill-gotten or counterfeit goods through its site.

eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) and the NRF will work together to develop technology and transaction-monitoring techniques with the FBI to put a dent in the estimated $115 billion in retail theft perpetrated last year.

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eBay, FBI, Retail Federation Target Ecommerce Crime

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