Facebook Kit Makes Hacking Logins Easy

If you use Facebook, you’re probably already familiar with the myriad malware and spam scams out there preying on the open community atmosphere to rip you off and spread more malicious code.

As eSecurity Planet discovered, a new Facebook Hacker kit is making its way around the Internet giving even the most inexperienced, would-be hackers an easy conduit to users’ most sensitive passwords and user IDs.

The program’s interface allows the attacker to input the login and SMTP details for the e-mail account where stolen information will be sent by the generated trojan. It also features predefined settings for Gmail and Hotmail, as well as the option to modify the default file name or have the trojan display a fake message.

BitDefender has identified the offending malware as Trojan.Generic.3576478 and it uses the icon of the popular “Call of Duty: World at War” game to disguise itself.

Security software vendor BitDefender this week is warning Facebook users to be on the lookout for a new malware variant that can easily snag log-in and password credentials to the popular social networking site as well as those to any number of banking or online accounts.

It’s called Facebook Hacker and it’s just the latest in a line of do-it-yourself malware kits that can make even the dimmest bulb an instant expert in Facebook phishing.

According to an entry on BitDefender’s MalwareCity blog, the kit can be purchased online and is “intuitive” and easy to configure, requiring only a disposable email account and a password that “will eventually constitute the location where the stolen information is to be delivered to.”

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

DIY Facebook Malware Kit Digs for Login Credentials

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