Facebook Seen as Biggest Threat to IT Security

Is Facebook the greatest security threat to your business? A new study from security software vendor Sophos found that nearly three-quarters of companies worry that Facebook, Twitter and their social media cousins pose a serious risk to their data.

And with good reason — malware spreading across social sites has grown in both frequency and severity, showing no signs of abating. eSecurity Planet takes a look at the latest threat assessment.

Sophos is the latest security software vendor to weigh in on the malware epidemic plaguing social networking sites. In a report released today, Sophos said that 72 percent of more than 500 companies surveyed believe sites like Facebook and Twitter pose serious risks to their companies’ data.

Sophos’ “Social Security” report found that IT executives dealt with what they characterized as a record number of spam and malware attacks in the past year, most of which originated from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

According to the survey, companies are most concerned with the lack of security on Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking site with more 350 million registered users.

Sixty percent of respondents said Facebook was their most feared social networking sites, followed by MySpace at 18 percent, Twitter at 17 percent and LinkedIn at 4 percent.

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Does Social ‘Insecurity’ Put Enterprises at Risk?

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