Fast-Moving SQL Attack Hits 125,000-Plus Sites

eSecurity Planet has a story on a new threat spreading quickly across the Web: A complicated SQL injection attack with the potential to steal credit cards and financial data. And at least one researcher says its creators may still be refining their technique.

A new and fairly complex SQL injection attack that began in late November has already contaminated more than 125,000 Web sites with a Trojan known to harvest credit card and other banking information.

According to Internet security and monitoring firm ScanSafe, the injected iframe loads the first stage of malicious code from Then, a series of iframes and code redirections that are invisible to the user culminate with the silent installation of the offending code, Backdoor.Win32.Buzus.croo from

“The attack appears to be a work in progress,” ScanSafe senior security research Mary Landesman wrote in a blog posting this week. “As we’ve been monitoring the malware scripts used in the final stage attacks, some scripts are being changed, some removed, and new ones being introduced.”

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