Flash Goes Silent for Security, Fixes Pwn2Own Vuln

Flash 11 Updater

Adobe’s Flash Player is among the most attacked pieces of technology on the web today. While Adobe moves as quickly as it can to patch flaws, users haven’t always updated their own devices as quickly as Adobe provides updates.

That situation could now be set to change with the release today of a new version of the Adobe Flash Player. The new Adobe Flash Player fixes a number of vulnerabilities and also provides an updated software updater that will turn many Flash updates into silent updates.

As part of the Flash Player release there is one issue, numbered CVE-2012-0773 that stems from the recent Pwn2own security competition.

“This particular issue was part of the Google Chrome exploit demonstrated at Pwn2Own,” Wiebke Lips, Sr Manager, Corporate Communications at Adobe, told InternetNews.com.

Users need to manually install the latest Flash Player update for both Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. Moving forward updates will become simpler for users and a whole lot more silent.

Lips added that the new Flash Player updater is designed to keep end-users up-to-date in a much more streamlined and automated way. The way the updater will do that is by way of a silent updating mechanism. The silent updater automatically installs updates to a user’s system for all installed browsers, when available. The silent updater will also not require a browser or system restart.

Adobe isn’t forcing silent updates on all of its users, when Flash Player is installed users will have choice to accept automatic updates, or simply to be notify when updates are available, that can then be installed with user interaction.

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