FTC Issuing Slim Payments to ChoicePoint Victims

Pay day for victims of the latest ChoicePoint data breach is here. But no one’s going to be getting rich off of their share of the settlement payout.

The Federal Trade Commission is issuing payments of $18.17 to each victim this week in a case that resolves a 2008 ChoicePoint breach that occurred in the wake of the massive 2005 exposure of users’ personal data. eSecurity Planet has the details.

The Federal Trade Commission this week began cutting checks to people who were the victims of consumer data integrator ChoicePoint’s most recent security gaffe, but the paltry settlement — $18.17 apiece – hardly atones for putting thousands of consumers’ most sensitive data at risk.

In fact, according to the credit-monitoring service review site Fight Identity Theft, the settlement will barely cover the cost of just one month’s worth of surveillance from a reputable credit-monitoring service.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

ChoicePoint Data Breach Victims Await Their Pittance

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