GlobalProtect Gives Mobile Firewall Protection

With an increasingly mobile workforce growing by leaps and bounds, Palo Alto Networks said enterprises need to consider how strong their security is outside the traditional corporate firewall.

Chris King, director of product marketing at Palo Alto Networks, said that while antivirus products provide a level of file-system security on notebooks and mobile devices, network security is another matter. “When you’re on the network, it’s really easy to download and install malware and grab a botnet,” King told

Palo Alto Networks’ solution is part of what the company said is its biggest release to date. The company’s new GlobalProtect security software, one of its three new releases, extends the same policies, visibility and control of the company’s “next-generation firewall” to any user’s network connections, regardless of their location.

“What we did was separate the policy perimeter from the physical perimeter so network policy can be enforced wherever the user is,” King explained. This includes typical functions of the company’s firewall product, which includes scanning content and applications without having to drive all that traffic back to the original gateway.

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Palo Alto Networks’ New GlobalProtect Extends Firewall Security

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