Google Cleans Up Chrome — Again

Google Chrome got another makeover just before the weekend as developers raced to resolve a trio of security vulnerabilities that cropped up just a few after its issued an initial refresh.

As eSecurity Planet reports, Google’s security team also had to clean up an Adobe Flash plugin hole to protect users accessing streaming media content through the browser.

Adobe issued an advisory on Sept. 13 for a critical vulnerability in its Flash Player that could enable an attacker to crash a vulnerable system and potentially take control of the system. Adobe is planning to issue an update for Flash Player on Windows, Macintosh and Linux today.

The included fix for Chrome users became available late Friday, ahead of users for every other implementation of the Flash Player.

Google updated its Chrome Web browser for the second time in a week late Friday, fixing at least three new security vulnerabilities. In addition to the security fixes with its own code, the Chrome 6.0.472.62 release for Windows, Linux and Mac also provides an integrated fix for an Adobe Flash plugin flaw, ahead of all other major browser vendors.

The Chrome 6.0.472.62 update follows the Chrome 6.0.472.59 update, which fixed at least nine flaws in the browser.

One of the key fixes in the new Chrome release is the updated Flash player plugin. Google has been directly integrating the Adobe Flash Player into the Chrome browser since the Chrome 5.0.375.8 upgrade in June. Unlike all other browsers, Google includes Adobe Flash as part of the browser as opposed to it being a separate and distinct add-on that users need to download, install and update.

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