Google Pushes Out Chrome 10 Security Update

Google has started 2011 off with a rapid series of updates to its Chrome browser. Now with the second major release of the year, Chrome 10, Google is patching 25 security issues.

Of those, Google ranks 15 as having a high impact. Those include memory flaws, such as a memory corruption issue involving with counter nodes and an invalid memory access snag with the V8 JavaScript engine.

Additionally, Google’s update addresses issues associated with stale pointers and nodes, including one fix to a stale node in box layout.

Google is also incorporating updates for add-ons, including alerts when a user’s plug-ins are out of date, and the ability to provide blocking enhancements.

“Some of our more advanced users prefer fine-grained control over which plug-ins they wish to run — which can have security and privacy benefits,”

eSecurity Planet has the full report on Google’s release of Chrome 10.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

Google Expands Security in Chrome 10

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