Google Releases Chrome Browser, OS Fixes

Is Chrome set to be the third alternative to the Windows and Mac operating systems? Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt declared as much at the company’s high profile rollout of the Chrome OS last week, that also featured a test version release of a new generation of notebooks powered by Chrome that run Web-based applications and services.

Chrome OS is touted as safer than other operating systems, but no system is completely bulletproof when it comes to security. eSecurity Planet details an important Chrome-related security update.

Are you the lucky recipient of one of Google’s CR-48 Chrome OS notebooks? Congratulations, Google is now set to update your operating system for a number of security fixes with Chrome OS version 8.0.552.343.

In addition to Chrome OS, Google is updating all versions of the Chrome browser, which is the core component of the Chrome OS. The new Chrome browser version 8.0.552.224 includes at least five security fixes, two of which are rated as having high impact.

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Chrome Browser, OS Updated for Security

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