Hacker Breaches N.Y. Bank

The data breaches just keep on coming. eSecurity Planet has the details about the latest incident, which saw a hacker snag the account login information from thousands of New Yorkers.

Officials at Suffolk County National Bank in Long Island, N.Y. this week are warning more than 8,000 customers that their account login information was likely compromised in November, when a hacker illegally accessed a server hosting its online banking system.

SCNB officials discovered the breach during a routine internal security review in late December. Investigators determined the unauthorized intrusion occurred during a six-day period between Nov. 18 and Nov. 23 of last year.

“The security of customers’ information is of utmost importance to SCNB,” Suffolk Bancorp CEO J. Gordon Huszagh said in a statement. “While we know that our diligence in this regard allowed us to uncover this incident, and to take action rapidly to protect our customers, we also recognize that the provision of financial services over the Internet requires our dedication to continuous monitoring and security.”

Unlike other banks and financial institutions victimized by online hackers, Suffolk Bancorp (NASDAQ: SUBK), the parent company of SCNB, is telling investors just how much it will cost to investigate the data breach and improve security controls and technology to prevent future intrusions.

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Hackers Snare N.Y. Bank Customers’ Login Info

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