Hackers Raid University of Maine’s Servers

The IT corollary to Willie Sutton’s famous quip that he robbed banks because “that’s where the money is,” might be that hackers break into servers because that’s where the valuable data is. Security breaches continue to bedevil businesses and institutions despite efforts to protect their servers.

eSecurityPlanet details the latest breach at the University of Maine that exposed the personal information of over 4,500 students there. Like other incidents, the discovery was only made months after the attack took place.

In the latest incident of an educational institution falling victim to a security breach, officials at the University of Maine this week are notifying thousands of students after hackers managed to infiltrate a pair of university servers.

“This is an insidious affront to the rightful privacy expectations of our students,” Robert Dana, the University of Maine’s dean of students, said in a statement.

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Hackers Break Into University of Maine Servers

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