How Has Bitly Reinforced Its Security in 2014?

In May, Bitly publicly admitted that its service was compromised in a malicious attack. For Bitly CTO Rob Platzer, there were two big takeaways from the incident. The first was that transparency is key.

“Our users appreciated the level of transparency that we maintained throughout the entire incident,” he said.

The second key takeaway was that because of the attack Bitly has shored up its relationships with the security community.

Before the attack, Bitly participated in conferences and worked with other companies on security issues, according to Platzer. Now, “in the wake of that security incident, we really built the relationships where now we work very closely with the security teams at Facebook, Dropbox and Symantec, and we’re shutting down spammers and phishing attacks,” he said. “The sense that I get is that the community has really been coming together around data breaches, spamming and all the nefarious activities that are happening on the Web.”

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