How To Secure an Apple Mac Browser

For many years, there was a widely-help notion that Apple Mac users were more secure than their Windows counterparts. While that may not necessarily be entirely accurate, there are a number of things that Apple Mac OS X users can do that will secure their web browser experience.

In 2012, Apple Mac OS X users were specifically targeted for exploitation by way of a Java vulnerability. Apple has since made multiple moves to improve its handling of Java. According to Carl Livitt, Managing Security Associate at security firm Bishop Fox, simply updating Java and keeping Mac OS X up to date, aren’t enough anymore.

One of the key challenges with Mac OS X browser security, is that the the browser typically runs with the same permission and access to the operating system as the user.

“If you run under the assumption that someone will hack your browser eventually, you then have to limit the things that you yourself can do with a browser, in order to limit the things that an attacker can do,” Livitt suggests.

Fundamentally, what Mac OS X browser security is about is a tradeoff and balance between usability and security.

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