HP Leverages TippingPoint for Security Services

As security threats proliferate, enterprises are constantly evaluating new solutions, safeguards and research that might help them shore up their defenses and minimize the risk and impact of any cyber attacks.

One of those potentially useful resources is TippingPoint. Enterprise Networking Planet reports on how HP (NYSE: HPQ) is leveraging work being done at TippingPoint and its DVLabs group, which it now owns, and why HP thinks it’s gained a competitive advantage.

As part of its $2.17 billion acquisition of 3Com, HP absorbed 3Com’s TippingPoint security division. A key part of TippingPoint is its DVLabs department, which both conducts vulnerability analysis and helps to build security services for TippingPoint.

Now that HP has its own security research lab, how is that work being integrated to help further security at HP?

Read the full story at Enterprise Networking Planet:

HP Charts a Security Course With TippingPoint

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