IBM Identifies Security as the Barrier to Adoption for Cloud, Mobile and Social Business

According to a new 2012 trends reportfrom IBM, security tops the list of reasons why many organizations aren’t yet adopting new leading edge technologies.

For the cloud, 56 percent of IBM’s survey respondents identified security as the top barrier. The number rises for mobile, with 61 percent tapping security as a key hurdle. Enterprises seem to feel a bit more comfortable with social business technologies, with 47 percent reporting security as a barrier to adoption.

Security Skills Lacking

Why do so many organizations have security fears? It all comes down to skills.

Barely 10 percent of survey respondents report having people with the required IT skills for cloud, mobile and social business in their organizations today.

“We knew going in that security was going to be something that was top of mind,” says Dan Hauenstein, manager of Academic Initiative Strategy, IBM Software Group. “How consistently and strongly security ranked as a barrier to adoption was, however, a bit surprising.”

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