IBM Security Systems. One Year Later

At the end of 2011, IBM embarked on a dramatic re-organization of its security assets in an effort to consolidate strategy and product offerings. The new IBM Security Systems division was formed around the acquisition of Q1 Labs, a company IBM purchased last October.

After a year of effort, IBM executives are confident the strategy is paying off. Jack Danahy, Director for Advanced Security, IBM Security Systems, said the push for a consolidated security strategy came from customers. The Q1 Labs technology, which collects and correlates security event information from a variety of sources, integrates multiple IBM security components into one place, Danahy said.

Danahy, the former CTO of static code analysis vendor Ounce Labs, came to IBM via Big Blue’s acquisition of that company. The Ounce Labs technology is also a key part of IBM’s Security Systems offering.

A key security challenge for many organizations is that as vulnerabilities are discovered in software, it’s not always possible to immediately fix underlying problems. A period of time passes between when a problem is identified and when a fix is deployed.

“The amount of messaging that ends up being correlated by the Q1 technology is huge, and by integrating results out of the scanning technologies we can do a much better job of prioritizing and weighting the flows a customer will see,” Danahy said.

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