IBM to Help Defend FAA From Cyber Attacks

The Federal Aviation Administration is bringing in IBM to help design a new network security system for better protecting the agency’s infrastructure against cyber threats.

It’s a move that comes almost a year after the FAA announced that it had suffered a data breach in which hackers penetrated its servers and made off with sensitive employee data.

Now, with data security and the nation’s air travel safety potentially at stake, the FAA is betting on an advanced new system in development by IBM. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

As it looks to expand its cybersecurity efforts in the nation’s capital, IBM has secured a partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration to develop technology to secure the agency’s sprawling information systems.

Under the project, IBM (NYSE: IBM) plans to develop a prototype analytics system that will monitor and defend the FAA’s civilian aviation networks and infrastructure against hacking attacks, botnets, and other cyber threats.

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IBM Teams With FAA in Cybersecurity Push

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