ICANN Names Black Hat as CSO

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Jeff Moss (aka Dark Tangent), founder of the Black Hat security conference, was appointed the new CSO for ICANN this week.


I’m not surprised at this new post though. For the last three years or so, I’ve seen ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom at Black Hat events, always being really chummy with Moss.

At Black Hat 2010, Moss hosted a panel and a press conference with ICANN on DNSSEC related issues, so I guess in a way Beckstrom is now returning the favor.

That said, Moss’ experience stands on its own and he will be a credit to ICANN and its’ security efforts, such as they are.

Reality is that ICANN is a multi-stakeholder group, which means that every decision is based on loads of input and discussion. It’s not exactly the type of environment that is conducive to the quick decision making that is required in the modern world of advanced persistent threats.

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