Invincea Looks to Boost Adobe PDF Security

Everyone knows that Adobe’s PDF document format is a favorite target for hackers. Adobe admits as much with its frequent patches for new vulnerabilities, as well as its new sandboxing technology. But isolating individual processes might not be enough to secure PDFs, according to Invincea.

The software vendor has developed a technology it’s calling Document Protection, using VMware’s virtualization platform dispose of infected PDFs while collecting threat information. eSecurity Planet takes a look at Invincea’s PDF security solution.

Adobe’s PDF document format and Adobe Reader are among the most attacked and vulnerable technologies on the Web today. Exploits emerge on a regular basis as Adobe races to issue patches for them. One solution to the problem might be Adobe’s new sandboxing technology, which isolates processes in an attempt to mitigate risk.

According to software vendor Invincea, sandboxing alone is not enough and that’s why they have developed a new document protection solution to reduce PDF risks. Invincea Document Protection leverages VMware technology to virtualize PDF delivery, limiting the PDF’s ability to interact with the rest of the operating system.

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Invincea Enhances PDF Security

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