Is Android Mobile OS Code A Big Security Risk?

Google’s open source mobile operating system software has 88 defects that would be considered high risk and possibly exploitable, according to a report from code analysis vendor Coverity, but that’s actually much better than most security experts would have expected.

As eSecurity Planet reports, it’s still too early to say whether or not these coding flaws are exploitable but considering the popularity of Android-based devices, it’s just a matter of time before everyone finds out.

According to Coverity, the defect density in Android isn’t actually all that bad compared to other codebases that they’ve scanned. Coverity is a commercial code analysis vendor and has also been running the Coverity Scan effort since 2006, analyzing open source code for software defects.

Google’s Android mobile operating system may include a number of high-risk software flaws, according to a new report from static code analysis vendor Coverity.

Coverity detected 359 software defects in the Android Froyo kernel that is used in the HTC Droid Incredible smartphone. Of those defects, Coverity has identified 88 defects or about 25 percent of the total flaw count, as being high-risk and potentially leading to security risk for Android users.

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Android Code at Risk?

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