Linux Foundation Comes to the #Heartbleed Rescue

The Linux Foundation has assembled many of the world’s leading IT vendors together in a new effort to fund core infrastructure projects and help prevent another Heartbleed from ever happening again.

Participants in the Core Infrastructure Initiative, led by the Linux Foundation, include VMware, Rackspace, NetApp, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Google, Fujitsu, Facebook, Dell, Amazon and Cisco. Those industry heavyweights have committed to contributing funds to help developers who are building core infrastructure projects like OpenSSL.

“Sometimes it takes a crisis to do the right thing,” Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, told eWEEK. “There is nothing broken in the open-source model, but we wanted to see what lessons could be learned from Heartbleed and how we could make something good come out of it.”

Read the full story at eWEEK:
Linux Foundation Aims to Prevent Next Heartbleed, Recruits Tech Giants

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