Malware Detection Lands on Sourcefire IPS

The Sourcefire FirePOWER product lineup was initially launched in April of 2011 with the 40 Gbps 3D8260 platform. The FirePOWER lineup is now being expanded with new software as well as new hardware platforms.

From a hardware perspective the 3D8000 series is being supplemented by three new FirePower 7000 series boxes, the FirePOWER 7010 with 50 Mbps throughput, the FirePOWER 7020 has 100 Mbps and the FirePOWER 7030 deliver 250 Mbps of throughput.

The new malware detection capability is delivered by way of Sourcefire’s cloud. Zulfikar Ramzan, Chief Scientist, Cloud Technology Group at Sourcefire, explained to EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet that FireAMP is powered by complex cloud back-end that does advanced analytics to identify new malware.

“What we’re doing with this new release is we’re making that FireAMP intelligence capability available to our network appliances,” Ramzan said.

FireAMP was first announced at the beginning of this year and leverages technologies that Sourcefire obtained through the acquisition of Immunet in 2011 for $21 million. Until this week, FireAMP was primarily available as a standalone technology and not something that was deliverable or integrated with Sourcefire’s IPS portfolio.

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Sourcefire Integrates Malware Detection with IPS

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