Malware Leverages ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ Mania

Malware writers have been exploiting major news events for years now, so it only makes sense that they would seek to take advantage of one of the most anticipated summer movies, “Twilight: Eclipse.” Like other malware that exploits news events, politics or a celebrity death, the trick in question involves scareware, making people believe they are infected with a virus when in fact they are not. eSecurity Planet has more information.

This weekend’s debut of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” the latest in the popular “Twilight” series of vampire movies, could be putting fans at risk if they’re looking online for show times and other information, thanks to a new round of malware that’s exploiting interest in the film.

The latest threat stems from “scareware,” fake antivirus software distributed by criminals who trick users into believing their PC is infected by malware and encouraging them to pay for what appears to be a legitimate security product. Once downloaded, scareware can be used to take over a user’s PC, steal his or her data or spread additional malware.

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‘Twilight: Eclipse’ Malware Leverages ‘Poisoned’ Search Results

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