McAfee Aims to Shut Down ‘Malvertisers’

Just when you thought it was safe to click on an ad…

McAfee and Adgregate Markets are teaming up to help tackle a growing issue facing consumers, Web site operators and e-commerce marketers: The increasing numbers of ads embedding malware and scams. This so-called “malvertising” has hit major Web sites and potentially threatens the e-commerce sector as a whole.

To help counter the problem, the two companies are rolling out a program through which McAfee can vouch for the safety of a site — helping visitors and buyers feel safer about interacting with them. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

Security software maker McAfee and Adgregate Markets, a provider of distributed e-commerce applications, are teaming up to provide online publishers and advertisers with a new service that will help root out malware-laden ads and bolster online sales.

McAfee’s (NYSE: MFE) SECURE service will scan e-tailers’ sites for more than 10,000 known vulnerabilities to prevent the kind of malvertising scams that have plagued popular news and entertainment sites, such as the online editions of the New York Times, eWeek and The Drudge Report.

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McAfee, Adgregate Take On Malvertisers

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