McAfee Finds Spike In Malware From China

Cyber attacks of all kinds—be it spam, phishing scams or SQL injection attacks—are proliferating at a record pace according to security software vendor McAfee. eSecurity Planet details the company’s fourth-quarter threat report and takes a closer look at the countries responsible for these malware missives.

According to the latest report from security software vendor McAfee, China is home base for some the world’s most dangerous and proficient hackers responsible for cyber attacks that become more effective and destructive with each passing day.

McAfee’s Q4 Threats Report found that while total botnet production in the U.S. fell from 13.1 percent in the third quarter to 9.5 percent, China rallied to assume the top spot by creating more than 12 percent of these malware-spreading zombie computers.

More disturbing, the report found that more than 54.4 percent of the fast-moving SQL injection attacks that give IT administrators their biggest headaches were hosting in China in the fourth quarter.

The data comes less than a month after Google and two dozen other U.S.-based companies confirmed that their computer networks were targeted by a series of orchestrated cyber attacks that appeared to have originated in China.

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China Tops in Botnets, SQL Injection Attacks

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