McAfee, RSA Widen Security Partnership

In the complex and ever-evolving landscape of security threats, vendors are increasingly looking to deploy integrated solutions that handle a variety attack scenarios.

Indeed, that sort of comprehensive approach to security has been a theme of this year’s RSA conference, which has already seen multiple announcements and discussions stressing the importance of integrated security.

In the latest, RSA and McAfee are getting in on the act, announcing at the conference that they will expand an existing partnership to further integrate their two security platforms.

“Addressing new, complex and ever changing threats requires a holistic approach to security that closed environments just can’t offer. Our open McAfee platforms enable partners, like RSA, to provide better and more secure customer environments,” said Dave DeWalt, president and CEO of McAfee

Added Art Coviello, executive chairman of EMC’s (NYSE: EMC) RSA unit: “Effective security management takes an ecosystem of partners who recognize that no single vendor is capable of addressing the amalgam of threats and security challenges faced by enterprises and end users.”

eSecurity Planet takes a look at the new agreement between RSA and McAfee.

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RSA: McAfee and RSA Expand Security Collaboration

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