Metasploit Making Enterprise Debut

Think open source security scanner Metasploit isn’t ready for the prime time in the enterprise? Rapid7 begs to differ. eSecurityPlanet details how Metasploit is now integrated into the latest version of NeXpose Enterprise Edition as Rapid7 looks to capture a bigger share of the market for enterprise vulnerability scanning.

For many IT pros, the free, open source Metasploit Framework was once thought of as just a community project unsuitable for serious enterprise security testing. Now, Metasploit’s new patron, security vendor Rapid7, is working to make sure that’s no longer the case.

Since acquiring Metasploit at the end of October, Rapid7 has been busily integrating the framework with its commercial NeXpose suite of vulnerability scanning and assessment tools.

The result: Rapid7’s flagship NeXpose Enterprise Edition 4.8 suite can now borrow from a number of key Metasploit capabilities. The new integration comes by way of Metasploit’s update to version 3.3.1, which offers a new Metasploit Console plug-in that exposes new commands to the user.

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