Metasploit Pro Advances Security Testing

How safe are your networks? It’s hard for any enterprise to be sure their networks are completely locked down and secure, but that’s the goal.

Unfortunately, security improvements often aren’t made until after a costly breach or break-in. Metasploit is one of a number of tools designed to help enterprises test their network’s security to head off costly attacks. As detailed by eSecurity Planet, there’s a new Pro version of Metasploit that can reveal a network’s vulnerabilities.

Rapid7 has released the Metasploit Pro Framework for commercial users and a new Metasploit 3.5 core release for the open source community.

With the Metasploit Pro release, Rapid7 is providing a new flagship platform for commercial Metasploit users to enumerate, test and exploit networks in an effort to improve enterprise security.

Read the full article at eSecurity Planet:

Metasploit Goes Pro for Security Testing

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