Microsoft Chasing Another Zero-Day Flaw

What’s old is new again, it would seem. At least in the world of Microsoft security. The software giant is looking into yet another zero-day vulnerability that reportedly affects all supported versions of Windows.

The vulnerability was made public by Danish security firm Secunia, which identified it as a buffer-overflow exploit. As it moves ahead with a heavy Patch Tuesday release, Microsoft has yet to issue a security advisory for the new threat. eSecurity Planet has the details.

In what may seem a little like déjà vu, security researchers are looking into another zero-day security flaw in Windows, just a week after Microsoft shipped an out-of-band patch for an earlier zero-day vulnerability.

Danish security research firm Secunia and some other bug sleuths have reported that a buffer overflow flaw in the kernel of all supported versions — and some unsupported versions — of Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows could result in an escalation-of-privileges attack.

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Microsoft Tracks Another Zero-Day Vulnerability

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