Microsoft Issues Two Patch Tuesday Fixes

IT administrators are getting a bit of a break this month courtesy of Microsoft following a hectic April when they were swamped with security patches.

Microsoft only had two to offer up in May’s Patch Tuesday, though both are deemed critical, the most serious classification in the company’s ranking system.

eSecurity Planet reports on Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday release, which fixes flaws affecting Windows and Office.

May looks to be a little less hectic than usual for IT managers when it comes to patching Microsoft security vulnerabilities.

That’s because Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) released only two patches this month — one for most versions of Windows, and one for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which affects Microsoft Office.

That should lighten the workload a bit for IT managers compared to last month, when Microsoft engineers released 11 patches, five of them rated as “critical” — the highest level of severity on Microsoft’s four-tiered threat rating scale.

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Patch Tuesday Plugs Holes in Microsoft Windows, Office

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