Microsoft Security Report: Botnets Enemy No. 1

Online criminals looking to separate enterprises and consumers from their money or sensitive information are overwhelming using botnets to launch their schemes, according to Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report.

In the second quarter alone, Microsoft claimed to have cleared botnet infections from more than 6.5 million computers worldwide. And the United States had the unhappy distinction of playing host to more botnets than any other country, by a wide margin. eSecurity Planet has the story on Microsoft’s new cybercrime report and the growing botnet menace.

Botnets are threatening corporate and home users worldwide in ever-increasing numbers, according to a new Microsoft security report.

Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) just released semiannual Security Intelligence Report (SIR) volume 9, which covers the period from January through June 2010, singles out botnets as the hub for much cybercrime in the world today.

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Botnets Biggest Cybercrime Threat: Microsoft Report

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