Microsoft Squashes 26 Bugs for Patch Tuesday

It’s that time of the month again. Microsoft has issued a spate of security fixes as part of its monthly patch cycle, and this time admins are going to have their hands full.

eSecurity Planet reports on one of the busiest Patch Tuesdays in recent memory, including the 12 flaws Microsoft has deemed “critical.”

There will be no long lunches this week for systems administrators who oversee Microsoft software.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has issued a massive number of repairs for its monthly Patch Tuesday bug fix release. In total, the company released 13 separate security bulletins, five of them ranked “critical” on the company’s four-tier severity rating scale. A bulletin can contain more than one security fix. All told, the 13 bulletins contain 26 fixes.

It’s one of Microsoft’s busiest patch days in recent history. Of the 26 individual bugs identified, a dozen of them are rated “critical,” the most severe rating. In January, the company only had one bug patch to install.

The most patches Microsoft has issued in a single month came in October 2009, when the company fixed a total of 34 flaws with 13 patches.

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