Microsoft’s Patch of a Patch Will Be Late

A planned patch for one of the security fixes released earlier this month will be delayed as Microsoft continues testing to insure it works properly.

Patch MS06-042 was a fairly comprehensive fix that came out on August 8 as part of Microsoft’s  monthly Patch Tuesday.

MS06-042 was fairly comprehensive, plugging multiple holes in Internet Explorer 5 and 6, several of which could allow for remote code execution. However, a problem emerged within days.

Internet Explorer 6 with Service Pack 1 would randomly crash when using HTTP 1.1 connections on a system running either Windows XP with Service Pack 1 or Windows 2000, Service Pack 4. IE 6 and Windows XP are both on their second service packs.

Microsoft initially promised to release a fix for MS06-042 on Tuesday, August 22. Well, scratch that. Due to an issue discovered in final testing that impacts a customer’s ability to broadly deploy the update, Microsoft will not be releasing the patch.

The company has not given a release date for the fix, saying only it will be released “when that issue is resolved.”

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