Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Fixes Spoofing Flaw

Microsoft offered fixes for a handful of security vulnerability this month with one of the largest Patch Tuesday releases in the company’s history. One of the “critical” patches fixed a flaw that had been lingering for more than half a year.

With its latest security release, Microsoft has offered a fix for a flaw in a segment of Windows code known as the Secure Channel security package. That vulnerability gave attackers an entrée to initiate spoofing or “man-in-the-middle” attacks. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

One of the “critical” patches that Microsoft released on Tuesday — one of its biggest patch drops ever — addresses an issue that’s been festering for more than six months.

The security flaw popped onto Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) radar in early February, when the company’s security team issued a Security Advisory, warning systems administrators and PC help desk personnel about it.

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Microsoft’s Patch Plugs ‘Spoofing’ Exploit

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