Mozilla Backs Off Add-On Malware Accusation

Mozilla might have been a little over-zealous in a security warning it issued last week. As it turns out, one of the add-ons to its popular Firefox browser wasn’t carrying the malware Mozilla originally identified. Apparently a false positive was the culprit.

But some of the other add-ons Mozilla identified are still on its black list. eSecurity Planet has the details.

Sometimes you get it right, and sometimes, well, you don’t.

Mozilla last week said it had identified malware in two Firefox add-ons and pulled both from its Add-Ons Mozilla (AMO) Web site. The affected add-ons were identified as the Master Filer extension and Version 4.0 of Sothink Video Downloader

This week, Mozilla is backtracking a bit with the disclosure that it was wrong about labeling one of those, Version 4.0 of Sothink Video Downloader, as having a Trojan in it.

“We’ve worked with security experts and add-on developers to determine that the suspected Trojan in Version 4.0 of Sothink Video Downloader was a false positive and the extension does not include malware,” Mozilla stated in a blog post.

However, Mozilla isn’t changing its position on the other of the two add-ons that it singled out last week.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

Mozilla Retracts Add-On Malware Accusation

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