Mozilla Cribs From Microsoft for Firefox Flaws

Sometimes a good idea is a good idea, no matter where it came from. Even if it came from Microsoft, and you happen to be Mozilla.

In this case, security was the issue at hand. With the release of Firefox 3.6.9, Mozilla has included the X-FRAME-OPTIONS response header in an effort to guard against clickjacking attacks. Microsoft first included the response header in the Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate, which it unveiled in January 2009. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

Mozilla is improving the security of its open source Firefox Web browser this week with the help of a feature that originally debuted last year in Microsoft’s rival Internet Explorer browser.

The new Firefox 3.6.9 release also provides fixes for 10 vulnerabilities that Mozilla described as “critical” — the highest threat level on its security-rating scale. Those vulnerabilities include a DLL-loading vulnerability in Windows for which Microsoft released its own fix last week.

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Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9 Security Updates Follow Microsoft’s Lead

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