Mozilla Issues Speedy Fix to Firefox Update

Mozilla wasted little time fixing a mistake to its latest update, essentially recalling the 3.6.7 update issued early last week with a Firefox 3.6.8 update on Friday that fixed at least one serious problem that adversely affected some pages with embedded plugins.

As eSecurity Planet reports, this isn’t the first time Mozilla has had to scramble and roll out an immediate fix to an update to its flagship application. This one, according to company officials, eliminates a crash condition in the plugin parameter that could have led to memory corruption problems.

Meanwhile, Mozilla forges forward with its much-anticipate, next-generation Firefox 4 browser, one that can’t come soon enough if the open source vendor wants to keep pace with the likes of Google Chrome in the browser wars.

A Beta 2 release was originally expected last week, but hit some delays due to late-breaking bug issues. The latest Mozilla schedule bumped the Beta 2 release back to tomorrow or Wednesday.

The Firefox 3.6.7 update last week fixed at least 14 security vulnerabilities in Mozilla’s open source Web browser. As it turns out, the organization missed at least one issue, which has now trigged yet another Firefox update.

Mozilla updated its Web browser late Friday with Firefox 3.6.8, fixing at least one critical security flaw that was found in the 3.6.7 update.

“This release fixes a stability problem that affected some pages with embedded plugins,” Mike Beltzner director of Firefox at Mozilla wrote in a mailing list posting.

According to Mozilla’s security advisory on the issue, there was a crash condition in the plugin parameter array that could have led to a memory corruption issue.

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