Mozilla Patches 14 Firefox Security Flaws

It’s no secret that the annual Black Hat conference brings to light a trove of security vulnerabilities that are sometimes embarrassing for software providers. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, Mozilla has released a security update that patches 14 flaws, ahead of next week’s conference.

Of the security issues Mozilla is addressing, eight are deemed critical. At least one of the flaws, however, has already been patched by some of Mozilla’s competitors in the browser space. eSecurity Planet has the details.

Mozilla is out this week with its largest patch update yet for the Firefox 3.6 browser, closing the door on 14 reported security vulnerabilities, eight of which Mozilla rates as critical issues.
The new Firefox 3.6.7 release comes just ahead of the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. Last year, Mozilla rushed out patches after the event to fix security issues that had been identified or discussed by security researchers there.

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Mozilla Patches Firefox for 14 Vulnerabilities

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