Mozilla Update to Firefox Browser Isolates Plugins

The Firefox browser continues to evolve and build on other open source efforts, notably Google’s Chrome browser.

Datamation explores the latest development in Firefox’s evolution, one that deals specifically with popular plugins; the utility programs designed to bring new features to the browser.

With Firefox 3.6 now out the door, what new features are coming next for Mozilla’s open source browser?

Starting with Firefox 3.6, Mozilla developers are now set to more rapidly iterate and integrate features as part of its ‘Lorentz’ branch. With Lorentz, Mozilla developers are aiming to include new features faster while maintaining backwards compatibility and overall browser security and stability.

One of the key new features that the Lorentz branch of Firefox 3.6 will aim to include is a technology that rival browser Google Chrome helped to popularize – out of process plugins.

With out of process plugins, browser plugins like Flash are sandboxed and isolated by the browser. The official project name at Mozilla for the effort is called Electrolysis.

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What’s Next for Firefox? Electrolysis

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