Mozilla’s New Firefox Beta a Bug-Stomping Spree

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From the “Bug Swatting” files:

Mozilla is now out with its second beta for its upcoming Firefox 3.6 open source browser release.

The new 3.6 beta fixes at least 186 bugs from the first 3.6 beta which came out last week. That’s right folks, two betas in two weeks.

Mozilla is serious about getting Firefox 3.6 finished and out the door as rapidly as possible. I personally don’t remember Mozilla ever patching as many bugs as fast as they have with this new Firefox 3.6 Beta 2 release.

While 186 bugs sounds like a big number, drilling down into the bugzilla database, there are some 13 critical bugs patched in the beta 2 release. Ten of those critical bugs were items that triggered a crash condition.

Among the less critical but still annoying bugs fixed in Firefox 3.6 beta 2 is one where beta 1 users were unable to tag a bookmark through the star panel. Another bug fix is one where the bottom of fonts were cut off in dialogs.

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