Netezza Unveils Real-Time Security Tool

Netezza made news last month when it was announced that the publicly traded firm had reached an agreement to sell out to IBM for $1.7 billion. Now, while that transaction awaits approval from shareholders and regulators, the company is out with a new real-time security monitoring application.

Mantra Vault promises an instantaneous monitoring mechanism that probes all of an enterprise’s data centers scanning for potential risks and providing real-time, predictive analytics. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

Netezza this week unveiled a new data auditing and analytics appliance designed for enterprises that need to do predictive risk analysis on the fly.

Netezza, which was acquired by IBM last month for $1.7 billion, said the Mantra Vault will monitor and analyze data across multiple databases in real time, giving administrators instantaneous updates of potential risks to their most sensitive data and files.

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Netezza Rolls Out Real-Time Security Appliance

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