Novell Touts Access Security for the Cloud

While there’s been plenty of talk about the benefits that enterprises can realize in cost savings and flexibility by moving their infrastructure to the cloud, security concerns have proved just as dogged in causing some IT managers to think twice about cloud computing.

But Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL) says that with the proper safeguards, enterprises can move their workloads to the cloud with minimal worry. Specifically, it’s now talking up its new Cloud Security Service, an OEM product that it says can help organizations extend their enterprise identity safeguards — like the just-released Novell Identity Manager 4 — to apps and data in the cloud. Datamation takes a look.

As enterprises move their workloads to the cloud, the need for integrated security is key. In an effort to help organizations better protect those workloads, Novell is launching its Cloud Security Service — a new offering focusing on providing businesses with access and compliance controls for the cloud.

The Novell Cloud Security Service is not about securing the cloud from a network or application layer. Instead, the service is focused on a different problem set for cloud security.

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Novell Secures the Cloud With New Access Control Service

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