OEMs See Dollars With App Swaps

Mobile software security developers Pointsec and Extended Systems
announced a joint collaboration this week that could help each company serve
a range of secure mobile solutions to a growing market.

The partnership will allow the companies to offer an integrated OEM
version of one another’s solutions to its customers.

However, while the two firms will work together on sales and marketing,
they will remain separate entities, Bob Egner, vice-president of global
marketing for Pointsec, said.

“We’re both relying on each other’s performance and execution.”

Under the deal, Pointsec, a Stockholm-based global provider of enterprise security
software for laptop and desktop PCs, PDAs and smartphones, and Extended Systems will provide secure mobile
solutions, including mail and messaging, device management and mobile
applications, to enterprise customers on the platform of their choice, Egner

Both firms support a wide range of mobile clients, including those
running Microsoft Windows Mobile software, Palm OS and Symbian. Pointsec
also ships a version of its security client for Windows PCs and laptops.

Extended Systems OneBridge enables
organizations to mobilize these enterprise applications, manage mobile
devices and deploy software to virtually any mobile device type.

Charles Jepson, president and CEO of Idaho-based Extended Systems, said Pointsec
should be able to provide his company with a product offering that is well
suited for a large part of his business.

Some analysts expect the trend to merge technologies in ways that make
sense for businesses and consumers.

“Components such as mobile security and mobile device management are
increasingly being tied to core mobile middleware technologies in order to
deliver comprehensive mobile solutions to enterprise customers beyond access
to applications,” Stephen Drake, program director of IDC’s Mobile Software
service, said.

“Successful suppliers are those who can deliver on the broader
requirement set of organizations beyond the basic mobile data access and
recognize customers’ needs to support, manage and secure these new users’
devices, operating systems and applications deployed in a mobile solution.”

“Extended Systems strong expertise in mobile technologies has been the
driving force behind their market leadership, which is important to
Pointsec growth,” Peter Larsson, CEO of Pointsec Mobile Technologies, said
in a statement.

“We’re finding an increasing number of customers interested in purchasing
simple-to-deploy and complete solutions,” he said. “The value of our combined channels will bring to market a powerful global entity that already shares many
Global 2000 customers.”

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