Only Two ‘Critical’ Patches Due From Microsoft

It’s a Microsoft tradition. The second Tuesday of every month means a bunch of bug fixes. Some months are big, others small. The last few months had very large numbers, but this time around, it will be minor. Only two ‘critical’ fixes, the most important kind, are expected.

Of course, that could change between now and Tuesday. Microsoft does like to give advanced warning of what’s coming but makes no promises that things won’t change. So what’s being fixed, and notably, what is not being fixed? eSecurity Planet takes a look.

Microsoft is planning to deliver a pair of “critical” patches next week during its monthly “Patch Tuesday” event. The two pending patches are meant to fix critical security holes in several versions of Windows, as well as in Visual Basic for Applications.

However, neither of them will fix a zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Services 3 that the company warned customers about last week.

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Microsoft: Only Two ‘Critical’ Patches Coming Tuesday

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