Patch Tuesday Fixes Another Stuxnet Vulnerability

Microsoft’s latest Patch Tuesday update includes a number of fixes — but perhaps most notably, one that aims to yet again shut the door on Stuxnet, an incredibly complex and persistent bit of malware.

The company last wrangled with Stuxnet early last month, when Microsoft released a rare out-of-band patch to block off one of its ways of infecting systems that had hinged on a hole in .LNK shortcut files, and which had surfaced in July.

Now, however, Microsoft’s squaring off again with Stuxnet — by closing a security hole in several Windows versions’ printer spoolers — as well as a handful of other vulnerabilities. Fortunately, of all the vulnerabilities fixed with this latest Patch Tuesday update, the Stuxnet flaw seems to be the only security hole now being exploited in the wild. eSecurity Planet has the story.

Any IT administrators expecting a light Patch Tuesday this month may instead have their work cut out for them, with Microsoft’s latest installment of bug fixes incorporating nine patches for 13 separate security vulnerabilities on Tuesday, most affecting various versions of Windows.

As it warned in its advance notice for security administrators last week, four of the patches it ranks as “critical,” the highest threat level in Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) four-tier severity rating scale. The rest are rated “important” — a step down from critical.

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Another Busy Patch Tuesday for Security Admins

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