PayPal Fends Off Latest Phishing Campaign

PayPal users over the years have become accustomed to a variety of malware and phishing scams looking to steal either their funds or their identities within a few clicks.

As eSecurity Planet reports, the latest phishing ruse landing in PayPal users’ inboxes purports to be a security correspondence from the online payment service.

The scam essentially “warns” users that multiple computers have unsuccessfully tried to login to their accounts using a variety of incorrect passwords in the process. The result, according to the unsolicited email, of these attempts is that users’ accounts have been “temporarily limited” by PayPal.

To remove one’s self from the “temporarily limited” list, the ruse continues, users are directly to file out an accompanying file with their account details and send it back.

Of course, as security software vendor Sophos reports, it’s all a fairly unsophisticated ploy to steal the account information and, eventually, any funds that might be in the account.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

New Phishing Scam Targets PayPal Users

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