Research: Android is Leaking Private Info

As the numbers of people are using Android smartphone continue to increase, security researchers are turning their attention to the mobile platform.

One such researcher is Neil Daswani of Dasient. Daswani and his team scanned over 10,000 Android apps using behavioral analysis tools. The analysis was designed to identify if the apps posed any security risks. Dasawni is presenting his finding during a research talk at the Black Hat conference this week.

Daswani noted that out of the 10,000 apps, his team found that over 800 were leaking some kind of private information.

“We found that a lots of apps use third party libraries to achieve some of their functionality,” Daswani told “When those libraries make not so good decisions about how to send information back to a server, the entire app is possibly at risk.”

Read the full story at eSecurityPlanet:
Android Leaking Private Info


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