#RSAC: U.S Secret Service Aiming to Help Prevent Cyber-Attacks

What role does law enforcement play in helping prevent and stop cyber-crime? That question was tackled during a press event hosted by Verizon at the RSA Conference Feb. 25.

Cyber-criminals more often than not only have a single goal—money, said Ed Lowery, special agent in the criminal investigations unit of the U.S. Secret Service. “At the Secret Service, we are financial investigators, and we do cyber-investigations,” he said.

Modern criminals are stealthy and use advanced techniques, Lowery said. He pointed to the recent spate of breaches at retailers, including Target and Neiman Marcus, and added that retail breaches really aren’t a new phenomenon.

“We’re not in a unique time period, and the Secret Service has been looking at retail cyber-crime for quite some time,” Lowery said.

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Law Enforcement Aims to Prevent Cyber-Attacks: Secret Service Agent

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